Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baked Cheese Cake

My first attempt at baking a cheese cake :) Quite pleased with how it turned out.
Other than a few cracks on the surface, think it looks pretty good :)
As for the taste, according to my hubby, it's light, moist & spongy kinda cheescake with a mild taste of lemon. It melts in the mouth... Yummy...
It reminds me of Coffee Bean's Chicago Cheesecake. (Maybe I'm just being lenient :P)

There were some cracks on the surface of the cake.

Did some 'feathering' on the surface of the cake before baking.
Not very professional though :P

Should decorate it cause it looks kind of plain...
Maybe should melt some chocolate & pipe in a smiling face :)
Hubby almost didn't wanna share it with me cos it's so yummy...

I had enough batter for a 6-inch cake tin & a small heart-shape cake mould.
The cheesecakes have to be baked in a water-bath.
I used aluminium foil to cover the cake tin to keep water from seeping through the base of the springform cake tin.

Recipe for Baked (Japanese) Cheesecake
(Makes a 7-inch cake)

4 egg whites
120 g castor sugar

250 g cream cheese
4 egg yolks
1 lemon rind *
4 tbsp fresh milk

(C) Sift
40 g Hong Kong flour (or all-purpose flour)
40 g cornflour

1) Whisk the egg whites & sugar (A) till stiff. Set aside.
2) Beat the cream cheese, egg yolks & lemon rind (B) till creamy.
Then add in the milk & mix well.
3) Fold in (C) into (B) mixture.
4) Fold in half of (A). Mix well, then fold in the remaining (A).
5) Pour the batter into a 7-inch cake tin (or divide out into smaller cake tins).
6) Place cake tin in a waterbath** & bake in preheat oven @ 120 degrees for 45 mins & continue baking @180degrees for 15 mins.
7) Cool on rack. Serve chilled.

Be careful when separating the egg white from the egg yolk.
(A) should be free from oil & yolk in order for it to be whisk till stiff.
If using a springform baking tin, wrap the base with aluminium foild before putting the cake tin in a waterbath.

* Lemon rind- Wash a fresh lemon. Grate the lemon skin. Be careful to grate only the yellow skin. The white skin will leave a bitter taste.
**Waterbath= Put cake tin on a tray filled with water before putting the entire tray into the oven. Baking in a waterbath ensures that the temperature is not too hot & baking temperature is constant.

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