Friday, September 18, 2009

Chicken Curry (Prima Mix)

Feeling a little lazy, it's already Friday :P Was asking my hubby this morning whether it's Wed or Thurs. Almost couldn't believe him when he said it's Friday already. So pulled out a box of "Curry Chicken" Prima Pre-Mix from a corner of the cupboard to prepare a super quick meal of curry chicken for dinner :)

Just have to marinate the chicken (with soya sauce & pepper) before hand for that extra flavour. It's really super easy. Follow instructions on the box. Just add water, potatoes & chicken. And in less than 30 mins, you'll get a delicious pot of chicken curry :)

A bowl of fragrant chicken curry, great with rice, bread, fried bee hoon, roti prata etc...

It looks spicy, but it's actually not. There's an extra packet of chilli powder to spice up the curry if you like. I'll usually prepare the curry for dinner & serve with rice. I'll keep the remaining curry in the refrigerator, heat it up in the morning & serve it with bread. My husband just love to dip soft white bread into the curry and eat it. Me too! :)

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