Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potatoe Soup

My mum gave me a big bag of sweet potatoe (brown skin, orange flesh, Indonesia type) a few weeks back as one of my uncles have given us an entire box. And this is the 3rd time I've prepared sweet potato soup over the past month :P, trying to use up all the sweet potatoes. We usually eat them as a dessert warm. But realise that they taste even better when it's cold. We couldn't finish the entire pot the last time, so kept some in the fridge :P

I've bought some Japanese sweet potatoes (red-purple skin, yellow flesh) to mix. They're sweeter and the flesh firmer (like cooked potatoes). The Indonesian/Malaysian orange flesh texture is more like cooked carrot in a soup.

A very simple sweet chinese dessert to prepare. I've decided to include the ingredients for the benefit of those who don't really cook and can see that this is really easy and anyone can do this :)

There are many kinds of sweet potatoes in the market. It's good to mix & match to get a colourful & flavourful bowl of sweet potato soup. Choose small to medium size ones. Avoid choosing the big ones as they tend to have more fibre and you'll get 'tough threads' in your sweet potatoes when they're cooked.

Recipe for Sweet Potato Soup
(serves 4 medium bowls or 8 small bowls)

3 Japanese sweet potatoes (taste sweeter)
2 medium brown skin sweet potatoes
about 2 litres of water
a few slices of old ginger
a bundle of pandan leaves
2 rock honey/rock sugar

1) Peel the skin of the sweet potatoes and cut into pieces. Soak in a bowl of water.
This removes extra starch and helps to give a clear soup.
2) Drain and remove the water.
3) Put the sweet potatoes & ginger in a new pot of water (2litres). Bring to boil.
Turn to small flame and simmer for 15 mintues or till cooked. Use a skewker to poke through a piece of sweet potatoe. It should poke through easily. If there are different types of potatoes, do the skewer test for each variety.
4) Put in the pandan leaves and 2 pieces of rock honey/ sugar to desired sweetness. Turn off fire. Cover lid and let the pandan flavour to infuse the soup for 10 minutes.
5) Serve warm or cold.

Alternatively, you may want to add the orange sweet potatoes later as they cook faster. Cook the Japanese ones for 5 minutes before adding in the orange ones.

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