Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cake Index

The cakes I've baked so far...
(updated on 6th August 2010)
Baked Cheesecake (A rich & spongey cheesecake that reminded me of Coffee Bean's Chicago Cheesecake)

Baked Cheesecake II (Melt-In-Your-Mouth, still my all-time favourite cheesecake)                                                                                      

Baked Cheesecake with Freshcream & Strawberries ( Baked cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base decorated with fresh whipped cream & strawberries for my sister SY's birthday)

Chiffon Cheesecake (A light & fluffy chiffon cheesecake.)


Christmas Yule Log Cake Classic Chocolate Sponge Cake rolled up with chocolate cream filling and covered in Chocolate-Mocha butter cream.
Durian Cake for Durian Lovers ( Durian Sponge Cake decorated with buttercream and durian flesh for Jerome's birthday.)

Fruit Flan Cake (Traditional Sponge cake decorated with fresh whipped cream and a layer of fresh fruits with a jelly topping for my mum's birthday.)

Mango Fruit Flan Cake (Traditional Sponge cake decorated with fresh whipped cream and a layer of fresh mango cubes and  strawberries with a jelly topping for my father-in-law's birthday.)

Spiderman's Cake (Traditonal Sponge Cake covered in fresh whipped cream & chocolate ganache)

Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Sponge Cake with Freshcream & Strawberries

Strawberry Ice-Cream Cake Covered in Chocolate Ganache
(Simple Homemade strawberry ice-cream cake with chocolate ganache & gum paste flowers for my sister SQ's birthday)

Sugar Roll
(My first successful roll!)

Traditional Sponge Cake
( A simple all-in recipe that does not require separation of eggs that yields a soft & spongey cake.)

Cupcakes decorated with buttercream...

Durian Durian Cake

Strawberry & Longan Fruit Cake


  1. omg u are amazing! I was just looking up flan cake on google and came across your site. you should make some videos on ur cakes and how to make them! Great job you have a true talent that brings happiness to all!!

  2. Dear Sonia,

    Thanks for your compliments but you're really too kind :) I'm an experimental baker...


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