Monday, August 2, 2010

Longan & Lychee Fruit Cake

This was another 'production' for the Goh family gathering for tea on Sunday. Baked a sponge cake on Saturday night and was ready to decorate it with fresh cream and strawberries but I have forgotten to buy the strawberries and I was so busy doing & baking other stuff to make another trip to the supermarket to buy it. So I looked inside the cupboard and found a can of lychees and a can of longans. And I decided to try something new... Longan & Lychee Fruit Cake! Was keeping my fingers crossed as I didn't know how it might eventually taste. 

It didn't look spectacular, really kind of plain. Fortunately, the taste was its saving grace. My mum-in-law was praising it. Jerome said it was the best cake I've made so far. He seemed to be saying this all the time :P Jerome had 2 slices and I wished I had too... 

How to Make a Fruit Jelly Top Cake/ Fruit Flan Cake?

1) Bake a traditional sponge cake. Allow to cool & chill , then cut it horizontally into halves.
2) Whipped up some fresh cream (whipped topping cream).
3) Spread some fresh cream on half the cake. Place cut lychee chunks generously over the fresh cream. Spread more fresh cream to cover the lychees. 
4) Place the other half of the cake on top. Cover the entire cake with fresh cream. Chill.
5) Prepare the jelly mixture. Boil the syrup from the can of logans with additional 100ml of water. Add 20g of instant jelly powder. Stir until solution is clear and remove from heat. Allow to cool, but not solidify.
6) Place an adjustable cake ring around the cake and arrange the longans or other fruits on the cake. 
7) Slowly and gently pour the jelly mixture over the cake and fruits. 
8) Chill in the fridge till the jelly set. Remove the cake ring. 
9) You might want to add baked almond slices around the sides of the cake.
10) Enjoy the cake chilled :)


  1. I would really like to try this :)
    just a question, though..after you spread the cream all over the top and sides of he cake, when you put the ajustable cake ring around the cake for the jelly mould, wouldn't the cream all around the cake be 'ruined' and smeared onto the cake mould?


  2. Hi Linda,

    Yes, some of the cream will be 'ruined' and I had to touch up on the sides after I remove the cake ring. So keep some fresh whipped cream left over for this purpose :)


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