Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Durian Durian Cake

I had some durian cream left from making the durian puffs on Sunday so I decided to use them to make a small Durian Cake on Monday. It was similar to the one I did for Jerome's birthday last year but I think it looks better now :P And what do you call a durian cake that looks like a durian? A Durian Durian Cake?

Durian Durian Cake

To assemble the cake (serves 4-6):
1) Bake 2 small heart-shaped sponge cake, using only 2 eggs. (The tins are from Daiso). 
2) Cool the cakes.

3) Sandwich the cakes with a layer of durian cream (durian puree & whipped cream mixture) and chunks of durians flesh. 
4) Cover the entire cake with butter cream and chill.
5) Pipe lines on the edge of the cake and the middle to create the 'inner skin' of the durian.
6) Mix some green butter cream and pipe the thorns on the sides of the cake using a star nozzle. 
7) Pipe the durian cream onto the top of the cake to resemble the durian flesh.
8) The cake is best enjoyed chilled. :)


  1. Hi,
    Do u custom made & sell? If you do, how much does this durian cake cost? Thank u :)

    Mayuko May Tay

  2. Hi Mayuko May Tay,

    Thanks for your interest but these are still not good enough to be for sale :P I've baked them just for fun, only 'fit' for family's consumption :)



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