Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traditional Sponge Cake

Found this recipe from Alex Goh's "Creative Making of Cakes". Tried it thrice, the first time was for making cupcakes. The cupcakes stayed soft even afterI put them into the fridge in Lock&Lock air-tight containers. (I tried another recipe I found from another book and baked another batch of cupcakes. They turned hard after I put them in the fridge.) So this recipe is going to stay :) The second time I used this recipe is to bake a swiss roll. But it didn't turn up well, I had an "Earthquake Roll" in the end. The third time I used the recipe was to bake a birthday cake for mum.

A nice golden baked vanilla sponge cake

A Fresh Fruits Birthday Cake for Mum

Recipe for Traditional Sponge Cake
For 1 9-inch round mould
( I used a 81/2" springform cake pan)

5 eggs
150g caster sugar
(*Optional 1 tsp vanilla essense or other flavoured paste as desired)

(B) sift
120g flour (I used Top flour)

80g Melted butter

1) Whip (A) till light & fluffy.
2) Fold in flour till wel mixed.
3) Stir in melted butter untilwell incorporated.
4) Grease cake mould & pour batter into the cake mould.
5) Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 30-45 minutes.
(Cake has turned nice golden brown. Use skewer test- Poke skewer/toothpick through the middle of the cake. It should come out clean.) Remove cake from the mould immediately & cool on cooling rack.

1) Whip sugar & eggs.

2) Melt butter.

3) The sugar & eggs should be whipped till light & fluffy. Notice that colour has turned to pale ivory.

4) Fold in sifted flour into the mixture by writing the figure '8' using the spatula.

5) Stir in the melted butter & mix well. There is a tendency for the melted butter to sink to the bottom so make sure that you mix the mixture at the bottom well.

6) Pour the cake batter into a grease cake tin & baked in a pre-heat oven of 180 degrees celcius for 30 mins. The skewer should come out clean.

7) Remove the cake from the acke tim & cool on a cooling rack.

Cake is really nice & soft. For storage in the fridge, keep in a air-tight container, like a Lock & Lock, to retain the moisture of the cake. The cake was able to stay quite soft even when it was used to make an ice-cream cake.

* The batter can also be used to make cupcakes. Just reduce the baking time.


  1. I baked this cake at 180 and it did not even cook after two hours. Are you sure you have the correct temperature posted? What a waste of 15 eggs as i tripled the ingredients to make a larger cake.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I'm sorry that the recipe didn't work for you and the waste of all the ingredients and effort. Just to clarify, the oven temperature was 180 degree celcius (about 360 Fahrenheit).


  3. I am confused on how to transfer these measurements, not sure if these are metric or not, I'm thinking they're not, any idea on how to transfer? I really want to try this recipe, looks delish!

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    The measurements given are metric. You can check this website for conversions.

  5. Bake-a-holiC05 May, 2011

    Have u doubled the recipe to make the above pictured cake?
    I tried this recipe thrice, using an 8' square pan, and it was very flat, nowher closer to ur tall cake.

    The taste was vry gud though, so thnx alot for sharing ths lovely recipe

  6. Anonymous05 May, 2011


    I made ths 2 tyms, and both tyms da cake was vry hard, nt at all soft lyk a sponge cake?
    it had a heavy bottom. Cn u suggest a remedy?

    How long shd da eggs and sugar be beatn for? and he thick shd da mixture be?

    Pls help. I want to master baking sponge cakes

  7. Hi Bake-a-holic & Anonymous,

    I've not tried doubling the recipe.

    Seems like both of you have the same problem. A few things to note:
    - Eggs at room temperature.
    - Use cake/top flour instead of all purpose flour.
    - Beat the eggs well with sugar till colour of the batter turns light ivory. Use a mixer.
    - Take care when folding in the flour and mixing in the melted butter. This might be the process of the batter losing the air that was beaten into the batter earlier on. It's the air that gives the cake volume and its fluffiness.
    - Do not leave the batter out for too long before baking cos the air will escape from the batter.

    I've tried making 2 batches of cupcakes with the same batter. The 2nd batch didn't taste as good as the first.

    Hope that this help :)

  8. you have not mentioned about baking powder?why?

  9. Hi, there's no baking powder used in this recipe :)


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