Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butter Cookies II: Stained Glass Cookies

After my last attempt on butter cookies, I went to other food blogs and searched for other recipes. Found the stained glass cookies ( very attractive & thought of giving it a try. As you can see, it didn't turn out as pretty as the ones that Yufei made. I think the bubbles (which I don't have) are actually quite lovely.

Stained Glass Butter Cookies

Trying to mix 2 colours together...

Taste wise, the cookie is kind of hard. With a hard candy centre, it's quite an interesting combination. I ended up eating the cookie first, then sucking on the sweet later. Can't say I really love it, afarid that too much candy will give me a rotten tooth :P

My sis SQ said that she couldn't stop munching & almost finished the entire bottle of cookies on her own. But she requested maybe put jam or chocolate at the centre the next time. We'll see..

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