Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lapis Cheesecake

Was searching for cheesecakes recipes (to slowly use up my creamcheese) on other food blogs when I came across this Lapis Cheesecake recipe from Aunty Yochana ( I have almost all the ingredients & I've been wanting to try baking a lapis cake. My mum bakes lovely coffee flavoured kueh lapis but I've not learned her skills.

So here I go, my first attempt at baking a lapis cake... I must say it's a really tedious process... I need to take the tin out of the oven every other minute to fill up a new layer with a tbsp of cake batter. I wonder who 'invented' the lapis cake... My husband says why all the trouble, could have poured all the batter into a cake tin & bake once for all. But it's really the layering effect that makes the kueh lapis a special cake. Perhaps it'll be interesting to do a little research on this... Maybe kueh lapis was discovered by accident? This lady has an oven that's not working well, only left with the grilling function. Desperate to bake, she decided that the only way for her to bake is to bake her cake by layers. And in the end, she had an amazing new creation & hence the birth of the popular kueh lapis... Maybe?

Anyway, back to my Lapis Cheesecake, after all the time & effort in the kitchen, I must say that I'm disappointed... Appearance wise, it's doesn't appeal. Taste wise, I'll say it pass. It's rich & cheesy with a mild taste of lemon zest.

My Fair Lapis Cheesecake (look closely & u might see some layers :P)

1) Could hardly see the layers in my Lapis Cheesecake. I've 'underbaked' the layers. Was afraid that the cake would burnt so I baked each layer for about 90secs. Should have bake each layer for 2 mins for the surface to brown before pouring in the next layer.

2) The sides are a little burnt. I've lined a 3 inch X 7 inch rectangular tin (from Daiso) with greaseproof paper, but did not grease the tin. So the paper didn't stick to the tin. I made a mess when pouring the first few layers of cake batter. I had batter on the paper that became burnt during the baking process. Next time, I'll just grease the tin.

Not a satisfactory attempt this time around. Will try again next time :) I still have 3 egg whites left over, so will be attempting an Angel Food Cake soon.

This is the adapted recipe that I've used. Perhaps you'll have a better result :)

Recipe for Lapis Cheesecake
(for a 3X7 inch tin & left overs for 6 cupcakes)

190g butter
60g cream cheese
50g sugar
zest of a lemon

8 egg yolks

50g top flour, sifted

2 egg whites
50g sugar

1) Cream (A) till creamy.
2) Cream in egg yolk one by one. Make sure it's thoroughly combined before adding in the next yolk.
3) In a grease-free bowl, whisk egg white till foamy. Add in sugar & whisk till soft peak.
(Can refer to Rei's blog for pic #9 of how a soft peak looks like
4) Fold in 1/3 of egg white mixture into the butter mixture alternating with four. Repeat till all mixtures are folded in.
5) Grease & line the 3X7 inch tray. Lay 1 tbsp of batter in the tray and smoothen the layer.
6) Grill cake in oven for about 2 min or surface has brown.
7) Repeat layers.
8) For the last layer, turn on the oven temperature to 180 degrees & bake 15 mins.
9) Remove & cool on wire rack.

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