Monday, September 7, 2009

Dao Suan

Yesterday, went to the hawker centre for breakfast. Had soyabean milk with 'you char kweh'. Remembered that I had a packet of split green beans at home waiting to be cooked, so bought an extra 'you char kweh' to cook 'dao suan' this morning.

Dao Suan with You Char Kweh

Recipe for Dao Suan
(serves about 4 medium bowls or 8 small bowls)

1 packet of split beans (these are actually green beans without skin), soaked overnight
1 litre of water
a piece of rock honey
pandan leaves (2 leaves for steaming dao suan, the rest to be tied in a bundle)
1 pair of you char kueh
sweet potato starch water (app. 200ml of water mixed with 8 tbps of sweet potato starch)

Cooking the beans:
1) Drain the split beans that's soaked overnight. Mix the beans with 1 tbsp of sugar. Cut 2 pandan leaves in halves and place them on a plate. Pour the beans over the pandan leaves.
Steam the beans for 20-30 mins or till cooked. Try some to make sure that they're soft enough.
Preparing the sauce:
2) In a pot, boil 1 litre of water. Switch off fire & put in the bundle of pandan leaves. Leave for 10 minutes to infuse the pandan flavour.
3) Remove the bundle of pandan leaves & add in a piece of rock honey. Add in more sugar if necessary. Make it slightly sweeter as more liquid will be added later.
4) Turn on small heat & slowly pour in the sweet potato starch water into the pot, stirring the 'soup' at the same time. This will ensure that the soup is smooth & not lumpy. Add more starch water as necessary to achieve the required thickness in the soup.
5) Once the soup is ready, turn off heat. Add in the steamed beans and mix well.
6) Serve hot with slices of you char kweh.

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