Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Party Cupcakes

A friend in school wanted to order a cake for 20 pax for the children in her programme. I suggested cupcakes instead. Easier to eat and I've always wanted to try decorating cupcakes. I took a lot of trouble to prepare the order now that I have the time to spare. I went to B-I-Y store at Bukit Timah to buy some cupcake trays and a Wilton 1M decorating tip just to make the big buttercream swirls on the cupcakes.

I probably spend more money on the cardboard box and cupcake trays than the ingredients for the cupcakes. $11 for 4 plastic cupcake trays... That's expensive plastic! Was hopeful to get the trays back so that I can use them again... Jerome said I'm a lousy business woman if I'm thinking of earning some money here. Definitely not worth the time and effort. But I told him it's really for fun!

Anyway, I had 6 cupcakes left and we just had some for tea earlier on :) Yummy cake, but honestly that's a lot of buttercream... It would be great to use whipped fresh cream instead but I just wonder if it could have survived the transportation.

Pastel pink, super sweet ...


  1. lovely pics! n i bet the cupcakes taste better, ya?
    i've to constantly remind myself not to check out your food blog at night..coz all the goodies always make me hungry :(

  2. Hi Hazel, Thanks :) I made use of iPhoto to do auto enhancement, the original pictures look darker. I'm glad to have the cupcake orders that gave me a chance to try cupcake decorating. Actually, it was pretty easy :P Next time, hi-tea at my place :)

  3. This is the 2nd time u mentioned Hi Tea at your place :)


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