Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Woh Hup Chicken Curry Premix

Bought a packet of Woh Hup instant chicken curry mix to give it a try. So far I've always used Prima Premix, but it's actually quite expensive , over $6. This Woh Hup Instant Curry is last than $2 as there is a promotion going on. See... I'm becoming an auntie...

Just add a cup of coconut milk/ evaporated milk and a cup of water, chicken and potatoes and an instant transformation to a pot of hot & spicy chicken curry!

This version of the chicken curry is more savory than the Prima Premix. Prima is kind of sweet. Well, I think I still prefer the Prima's version. Anyway we still enjoyed the curry :)
In the morning, I pan-fried some prata to dip in the curry. In the afternoon, we had fried bee hoon that also went well with the curry.


  1. I absolutely love frozen prata!! So tasty and convenient... :0)
    but i'm not gonna buy a new packet when i've finished my current one coz it's jus too much carbo for me :(

  2. Opps :P I always have a family pack in the fridge on standby... When we stayed at Katong, we would have prata at the market near Tanah Merah MRT almost every Sunday morning :P

  3. u tried sprinkling sugar on the prata while it's still in the pan? Flip over & the sugar will melt and caramelize ... *lip smacking*

    I've added banana and nutella too! :)


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