Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going Bananas

I've started buying bananas regularly just recently. Jerome likes bananas. We have a bunch hanging in the kitchen almost every week. I've heard some people saying that pregnant women should avoid eating Del Monte bananas are they are cooling/'liang'. Not that I'm pregnant now, but I avoided buying Del Monte and bought Dole instead. I wonder if it makes any difference. I wonder if what I heard about the Del Monte bananas is really true. Is it just a myth? Hence, I decided to find out more about this fruit that we're now having regularly. You are what you eat...

What I've found out so far from the net:

First, the benefits about bananas. They're better than apples. So it's time to say "A banana a day keeps the doctor away."? Great! I'll continue to buy bananas regularly.

Then I read on other sites about 'banana wars' and 'blood bananas'...

The land, environment and workers at the banana plantations are 'poisoned' by the mass chemical pesticide used in growing these bananas.  See here and here. And quite a bit of bad press regarding Del Monte's exploitation of its workers and workers being murdered.

So no Del Monte bananas for me.

What about Dole bananas then?
"Bananas! The Shocking Film that Dole Doesn't Want You To See"

So no more Del Monte or Dole bananas for me until I know the situation has improved.

I know I'm going to see the bananas in a different light...


  1. Kimmie will tremble with excitement when someone mentions 'banana'. She do a perfect 'SIT' and tilt her head sideways and wait.

  2. For the longest time I didn't eat bananas because of what you mention. People think that I'm crazy but glad that you're on board with me!

  3. Hazel, Kimmie is so cute! So she likes eating bananas?

    Faith, I had no idea about the exploitation until I did my little 'research'. It's just insane! I can't imagine people being poisoned and killed over the bananas that we're eating...

  4. Sheryl,

    Yup! And whenever I can, I buy stuff that has the fairtrade stamp on it. And organic, grassfed or somewhat well treated animal meat. I know I might have gotten into the far end but I believe that if I'm going to eat meat, I'll try to eat meat that have somewhat led a better life than animals that suffered throughout their lives. Sorry, like I said, I've gone off the deep end, I'm just this close to turning into a vegetarian!


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