Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tang Yuan & Sweet Potato Soup

After the Chang Cheng Porridge at 4pm, we knew we were going to be hungry soon. I have only 1 sweet potatoe left in the fridge & that is definitely not enough for the 2 of us. So I decided to make some tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) to add to the sweet potato soup. This is the first time I'm making this combination and we love it :)

Glutinous Rice balls (Tang Yuan) with Sweet Potato Soup

1) Put sweet potaoes (peeled & cut into big pieces) & a few slices of ginger into a pot of water & bring to boil. Add a few pieces of pandan leaves. Cook till the sweet potatoes are soft (skewer will pierce through easily). Add sugar to taste (I've used rock honey, hence the soup looks yellowish). Remove from heat.
2) While the sweet potato soup is cooking, prepare the glutinous rice balls.
Dissolve about 1tbsp of sugar in 200ml of water. Pour & mix the water (slowly, part by part) with 100g of glutinous rice flour. Add just enough water & mix to form a dough. Add colourings if desired.
3) Boil another small pot of water to cook the glutinous rice balls. Pinch the dough with your thumb & index finger & roll into it a small ball and drop it directly into the boiling water. (Keep the balls as small as possible. They taste better.) When they're cooked (they will float to the surface), dish them out & add to the cooked sweet potatoe soup.

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