Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pandan Chiffon Cake Wannabe

I bought myself a 21cm chiffon cake tube tin last week when I visited Phoon Huat at Sims Avenue. I already have 2 mini cake tins from Daiso. The bases of  all the tins are all removeable for easier removal of the cakes after cooling.  The reason for using a tube tin when baking the chiffon cake is for the soft & fluffy cake to 'have something to hold on to' as they rise and hold their heights. So do not grease the tins before pouring in the batter.

Chiffon Cake Tins
(Small tube tin costs $2 from Daiso & over $3 at other places)

My last attempt at baking a chiffon cake using the mini tins was for the chiffon cheesecake. It was not a success as the sides of the cake sunk in. It was also not soft and fluffy enough. So after getting my new cake tin, I decided to try baking a basic Pandan Chiffon Cake. A cotton soft and fluffy fragrant cake! One of my favourite cakes as a child , I remember that I would roll pieces of my pandan cake into balls before eating them. Wierd!

I decided to use Rei's recipe and her step-by-step pictures served as a really useful guide. However I did not follw her baking instructions of adjusting the oven temperature during the baking process. Think that accounts for the cake not turning out as expected...

Yes! Fresh out of the oven, looking promising...

After getting the cake out of the oven, I inverted the cake together with the cake tin on the cooling rack. Once the cake is totally cool, I remove the tin to find that the bottom of the cake was sunken in! Why? What went wrong?

Pandan Chiffon Cake with a sunken top (originally the bottom)

A slice of not so fluffy and soft Pandan Chiffon Cake...
Shaped like a sledge, Aladdin's magic lamp, shoes?
Well... at least I don't have to roll it into a ball before eating it now.

As you can see, this slice of Pandan Chiffon cake lacks the typical big airy holes found in a chiffon cake. The cake is still edible, but just not soft and fluffy as a chiffon cake should be. Colour wise, it's a very pale green from the fresh pandan juice that I have used. I will have to add more next time to get a richer green.

The only consolation- Jerome said it's nice pandan cake (minus the 'chiffon')...


  1. you shouldn't take out the cake from its mold during cooling. after baking turn the mold upside down immediately on the cooling rack. and do not grease the mold. it should turn out fine then.

  2. Thanks Zarita :)
    I hope to try it soon :)


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