Friday, December 4, 2009

Eating in Bangkok, Thailand

Just returned from a 5 days trip to Bangkok with Jerome. It was my first visit there and there was so much to see, eat & shop!

Food stalls like these line the streets almost everywhere. Just buy and eat as you walk. I found that it was difficult to keep my head straight as we walked. There's the tendency to constantly look left & right to look at what the different stalls have to offer.

I tried this sweet & crispy pancakes. 10 pieces in a pack for 20Bht. Quite nice :)

There are also street stalls with tables and chairs.

Take the front seats and see how your food is prepared.

Grilled fish covered with salt with the mouth stuff with lemon grass & pandan leaf at a street stall.

Alfresco dining on the pavements...

Meat on Skewers for grilling at a street stall

'Half-hatched' Eggs?

Food on Wheels- rice & dishes at the back of a pick-up truck

A canteen hidden in one of the small lanes

Bee Hoon Soup, Thai Style
 the noodles are quite different (nice) and the soup was tasty.

Banana Leaf Restaurant in Silom serving nice authentic Thai food. (We also have the famous Banana Leaf Indian Restaurant at Little India in Singapore serving Curry Fish Head.) This restaurant was recommended by a local.

Thai Style Spring Rolls with lots of garlic, but yummy.

Was a little disappointed that the Pineapple Fried Rice was not served in a pineapple.

Tom Yum Goong, a spicy & sour seafood soup. Yummy! I can't get enough of this.

Thai Papaya Salad, most appetizing.

Crispy Deep-fried fish with Sweet Chilli Sauce...
The meal costs us about 800Bht. A great meal that doesn't cost a bomb!

A small stall at Chatuchak Weekend Market where we had our lunch.

Reminds me of the local 'zi char' stall...

Stir fry flat rice noodles in thick gravy, just like 'hor fan'.
 Jerome says the noodles tasted much better here. I think he's just hungry :P

I ordered Pad Thai, Thai's favourite stir-fry thin rice noodles. Yummy!

Thai Teh Tarik and the Prata man.
 'Tarik' is a Malay word meaning 'pull'.
We just looveee the Thai Ice-Tea there!

A stall selling coconuts?

Refreshing Coconut Ice-cream served in a coconut shell! Great for the warm weather!
The combination with the crunchy roasted peanuts on the top and fresh coconut flesh at the bottom is just perfect... I'm missing it now.

Grilled Squids at a street stall

Sausage balls

Toasted Bread with Sugar and Butter Spread & Thai Ice-Tea
reminds me of Ya Kun in Singapore :)

BBQ seafood on boat at a small floating market, Da Ling Chan

'Bee Pang' to be cooled before packing into bags (1 packet 20Bht)
These are great tasting snacks, crunchy, sweet & sour
 I can finish a pack easily on my own :P
Regretted not buying more

Frying Pad Thai on a boat
It must be very hot to be sitting so near to the heat...

Sitting on stools, dining at the low tables

Food Hall at Siam Paragon
We had to purchase a stored value card before buying food, remaining value is redeemable.
They even provide tissue & toothpicks. We should have these in Singapore too!

Thai Style Noodle Soup

Thai Style Wantan Mee
Noodle are very fine but Singapore's version taste better :P

Pad Thai Again :)

Yummy Fried Oysters with Eggs on Hotplate

A coffee-shop that's not so commonly found

Bee Hoon Soup

And finally before our flight back to Singapore, we just got to have Pad Thai again :P

But this time we tried having 'tang hoon' instead of the thin flat rice noodles...
Well, the original thin flat noodles still taste better!

And of course, we had the Thai Ice-Tea too! :)

Wonder when I'm returning for another trip to eat & shop...


  1. i love the ice tea in thailand too!
    but most people i know find it tooOooooOOOoo sweet.


  2. Anonymous29 May, 2011

    Hi!i went to thailand recently and had the most delicious fish with sweet chili garlic sauce which looks like yours.I've been dying to get the same recipe.Would you have the authentic recipe by any chance?


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