Monday, December 21, 2009

Shokudo- Streets of Japan

We had just returned from our Bangkok trip and Jerome decided to take a day off trading in the forex market since the market was quite 'dead' anyway. So, we decided to take the MRT to Orchard instead of driving there. Jerome & I seldom visit Orchard as Jerome hates crowded places. We've yet to visit the 'new' Orchard Ion together. Think the last time we walked along the Orchard Road and did some shopping was in Dec 2006 when we stayed at Grand Hyatt for our wedding!

We alighted at Somerset Station and explored new Somerset 313 for a while before heading out. We're like 2 'mountain tortoises' :P, discovering a whole new Orchard Road. It has changed so much! New shopping malls seemed to have mushroomed all over the place. We tried to recall the buildings that stood in the same place. We were amazed by the rate of change.

We wondered around for a while looking for a place for lunch, eventually ending up at the basement of Heeren and found Shokudo-Streets of Japan where Marche once stood. It was our first visit. Just like Marche, we were each given a card where we need to record our purchases from the different stalls before paying at the cashier upon leaving. It's quite an interesting & nice place for gathering with friends, good to dine & enjoy a few hours catching up with friends. Jerome & I were there just to get a quick lunch. I like it that there are not that many people around.

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