Friday, November 6, 2009

Kai Yang (Thai Aromatic Baked Chicken Leg)

I was at Cold Storage doing my marketing earlier this week & saw the Asian Home Gourmet series of premixes on sale (Buy 1, Free 1), so I decided to give the premixes a try. I don't foresee that I'll be squatting in the kitchen, pounding the ingredients & spices with a stone mortar & pestle, like the little nonya just to prepare a dish. So the premixes are a great idea for me to cook up some new dishes at home.

Thai Aromatic Baked Chicken Leg served with Hainanese Chicken Rice

Premix of Marinade for Chicken

Premix for Hainanese Chicken Rice

The baked chicken legs marinaded with the premix Thai spices are really aromatic, especially with the smell of tumeric (yellow ginger). I just had problems getting rid of the yellow tint on my Lock & Lock container where I marinaded the chicken. The marinade in the pack was for marinading up to 900g of chicken, that's about 4 chicken legs. I only used it to marinade 2 chicken legs which explains why it's a little too salty :P But it's still good to go with the rice.

As for the Hainanese chicken rice premix, I've only used 1/2 of the pack as the pack was meant for 4 servings. I still prefer the "Prima Taste" premix that I've used previously. It's more fragrant. But maybe if I use the entire pack, it'll be more fragrant? Let me try & we'll see...

Now, I still have a pack of Premix for Thai Green Curry to try out...

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