Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Prima Taste)

Hainanese Chinese Rice is one of the most popular hawker food in Singapore. You can almost find a stall selling Chicken Rice in every Coffee Shop. The fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock & spices really make it such a easy favourite for so many people. Have tried looking for a recipe to prepare it at home but when you're cooking for 2, you wonder if it's worth all the trouble (just an excuse for being lazy :P). Anyway, there's a lot of ready mixes around at the supermarket, so I decided to try one from Prima Taste. I've tried using Prima Taste's Chicken Curry Mix & Laksa Mix and they're great.

Prima Taste Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste
Just wash the rice, mix in the paste & add enough water to cook the rice. Very easy.
When the rice was cooking in the rice-cooker, we can already smell the fragrance in the entire house. I'm sure the neighbours could smell it too :)
I've never like the 'white' chicken for Hainanese Chicken Rice with the white fatty skin. My hubby also didn't like them. So I prepared our favourite baked chicken for our Hainanese Chicken Rice instead.
Anyway, the rice itself was so good that I'm sure we can eat it simply on its own. My hubby & I decided that we've never eaten chicken rice so fragrant before. I've cooked it twice so far - last week & yesterday. And guess what! Hubby has requested for chicken rice again this Saturday! I wonder when we'll ever get sick of it...
Hainanese Chicken Rice with Panfried Teriyaki Chicken (last week)

Hainanese Chicken Rice with Baked Chicken Leg in Char Siew Sauce (yesterday)
Prima Taste Chicken Rice, so good you can eat it on its own...
So good it makes everything that accompanies it taste as great...

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