Monday, October 19, 2009

Ribeye Steak (Lawry's Marinade)

Prepared steak for the 1st time for Jerome's birthday... trying to replicate a meal from Jack's Place we had last month... minus the hotplate... plus lotsa love :P I'm not much of a 'beef' person... The beef I usually eat comes in a burger. I'm always cooking chicken at home :P So you can say that it's a special birthday meal for Jerome who likes to eat beef.

Ribeye Steak served with boiled brocoli & baked potato

And since it was my 1st time preparing steak, I bought a bottle of instant marinade from Cold Storage... to guarantee a simple success.

I marinaded the beef in the fridge for a good few hours & by pouring quite a bit of marinade to 'bathe' the meat in. I pan fried the beef steaks, trying to get them medium well, not too raw, not too tough. For the sauce, I just heat up the leftover marinade and added some cornflour mixed to water to thicken up the sauce.

For the potatoes, I washed the potatoes & brushed the skin with oil & baked them in the oven @ 180 degrees for about an hour. I put some whipped sour cream with spring onions & bacon bits to the potato & the sour cream started to melt into a gooey mess!

When I placed the plates on the table, Jerome couldn't wait to try the beef. We were  really disappointed when we found out the beef was still quite raw... I had to cook it again. Finally, after the extra cooking time, the steaks were just right. Despite the inperfection, it was still a great meal. Jerome said that it was worth the wait ...

This is not so difficult after all. :) Next time, I'll make sure I cook the beef steaks a little longer.

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