Monday, October 19, 2009

Strawberry Cake

Jerome's parents came over last Friday for dinner & stayed overnight. They were here the previous weekend for dinner & stayed over too. I know they enjoyed dinner at our place. Is this turning into a weekly event? Not sure yet. Not that I mind. I can cook more :P At the current moment, we just enjoy having our own place- just the 2 of us enjoying our privacy.

I baked another cake on Friday for them to bring home on Saturday. I gave them the cake for Superman last week :P Jerome's parents are currently staying with Jerome's eldest brother & family. I know my nieces love eating cakes so the cakes are really for them :) Hope they like the cakes as there will be more to come...

Strawberry Cake
Traditional Sponge Cake covered in fresh cream & strawberries

Anybody's birthday coming? Who else can I bake for? Maybe I can bake a birthday cake for I, Me & Myself :P

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