Monday, October 12, 2009

Easy Strawberry Ice-cream

After I made the strawberry ice-cream last week for my sister's birthday cake, Jerome also wanted some for our own. So I made them again since they're so easy, as you can see from the pictorial recipe. :)

A scoop of fresh strawberry ice-cream. Yummy!

Ingredients: (makes about 6 scoops)
250g fresh strawberries
30g icing sugar
juice from 1 slice of lemon, about 1 tbsp
150ml of whipping cream

1) Put the strawberries into a food processor & process till a puree.
Add the icing sugar & lemon juice to the puree & process again to mix well.
Pour the puree into a freezer proof container & chill.

2) Whip the whipping cream till...

...cream has thickened but still drops from a spoon.

3) Fold in the whipped cream into the strawbery puree...

...until smooth.

4) Put into the freezer, beating up the freezing mixture occasionally as it freezes.
This breaks up the ice-crystals, giving you a smoother ice-cream.

5) Enjoy your ice-cream :)


  1. Ask you, where to buy "pour n whip"? Can I get it @ Cold Storage? There's one in CWP... Heehee...

  2. Hi Katherine,

    For the ice-cream I've made last week, I used Red Man "Whipped Topping for Cakes & Pastry". Both are non-dairy. There's a Phoon Huat near the Polyclinic at Marsiling. I bought it there at $5.60. I've been using it for the fresh cream on all my cakes. I like the taste, not too sweet, very light.


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