Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mango Ice-Cream

I think I'm getting addicted to making ice-cream & of course eating them :P

Fresh Mango Ice-cream with fresh strawberry

Recipe for Mango Ice-cream:
(makes about 8 scoops)

2 ripe sweet mangoes (about 400g of puree)
200ml whipping cream (Pour & Whip)
1 tbsp icing sugar

1) Process 2 ripe sweet mangos into a puree. Add icing sugar if necessary.
2) Chill the mango puree in a freezerproof container (big enough to add in whipped cream & for beating up the ice-cream)
3) Whip cream till it thickens but still falls from a spoon.
4) Fold in the whipped cream into the mango puree till well incorporated.
5) Put back into the freezer to freeze, beating up the mixture with a fork occasionally to break up the ice-crystals. This will give you a smoother ice-cream.

* For pictures, refer to Strawberry Ice-cream Recipe :)

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