Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thai Style Deep Fried Fish Head in Sour & Spicy Sauce

Adapted a recipe that my mom used into this very appetising Thai Style Deep Fried Fish Head in Sour & Spicy Sauce. I've added Kaffir Lime leaf into my mum's orignal recipe. I've made this dish twice so far. The first time, it was when my parents-in-law came over for dinner. Jerome liked the dish so much that he stopped short of just licking the plate clean :P My parents-in-law also liked the dish. As for me, I love anything sour & spicy - Tom Yam soup, Penang Laksa, Shichuan Sour & Spicy Soup. They're just so appetising. I guess I'll be making this dish pretty often :)

Thai Style Deep Fried Fish Head with Sour & Spicy Sauce

Recipe for Thai Style Deep Fried Fish with Sour & Spicy Sauce

For deep fried fish:
fish (I used a pomfret & half a fish head before)
a pinch of salt
corn flour
oil for deep frying

For Sour & Spicy Sauce:
2 pieces of garlic, peeled & sliced
1 tbsp tamarind
200 ml water
juice from a green lemon
1 tbsp sugar
some cornflour mixed with water
3 pieces of chilli padi, chopped
1 piece of kaffir lime leaf, chopped

1) Rub some salt all over the fish. Coat the fish with cornflour.
2) Heat oil in wok for deep frying. Deep fry the fish till it's golden brown or done.
3) Dish up & set aside.
4) Mix the tamarind with the water. Strain the assam water , discard the seed & set aside.
5) Heat up 1 tbsp of oil in a saucepan. Saute the gralic till fragrant.
6) Add the assam water, lime juice & sugar. Bring just to a boil and add cornflour water to thicken the sauce. Remove from heat & add chilli padi & kaffir lime leaf.
7) Pour the hot sauce over the fried fish & serve immediately.

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