Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rabbit Butter Cookies

It's been over a year and I'm still looking for the perfect butter cookie and found a new recipe on All Recipes. I want to use my "Rabbit" cookie cutter to make some rabbit butter cookies to welcome the year of the rabbit.

The recipe was meant more for using the cookie press hence the dough turned out to be really soft. When I first tried to roll out the dough and cut out my rabbits, I had an impossible time transferring the cut out dough to the baking tray. The ears of the rabbit couldn't make it and broke off.  So I had to make small balls of dough and flatten each one directly on the baking tray and cut out each dough individually directly on the baking tray. This is a really time consuming process.

Rabbit-shaped butter cookies to welcome the year of the rabbit :)

Although they looked okay, they're still not up to my expectation for the perfect butter cookie. Find that it's kinda hard. Maybe there was something I didn't do right. According to the reviews, the cookies are supposed to be very good! Anyone know what went wrong? I want butter cookies that taste like Danish butter cookies. If you have a good recipe, please share...

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