Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sheryl's Chocolate Chips Cookies For Orders & Sales

Yap, I'm taking orders for the Chocolate Chips Cookies. I do enjoy baking them & am pleased when someone enjoys eating them too :) There's only so much that my hubby & I can eat...

Here's what people said about the cookies...
"I can't stop eating them..."
" They're really addictive..."
"They're sinfully delicious..."
"I've never tasted cookies quite like this..."
"They're better than F...... A..."
"What's your secret ingredient?"
" I think about them even during this 'merlioning' period..." (from a pregnant fren who has serious morning sickness)
" You can sell them..." (which I'm trying to do now :P)
"I hope 3 large jars will last me for a week..." (Really makes me wonder how this slim & petite lady keeps her figure... if she can finish 3 jars on her own... & in a week??? I'm jealous!)

Presenting Sheryl's Chocolate Chips Cookies (bitesize) available in the following:

A dozen in a pack $2
Small Jar: 500ml glass jar $8
Medium Jar: 1000ml glass jar $15
Large Jar: 1500ml glass jar $20

Really like to keep the cookies in these glass jars as they're airtight & help keep the cookies stay crispy.

This was my 1st order of cookies that I took over 3 days to bake :)
Looking forward to more orders to keep myself busy...

Ingredients & materials used in the production are all halal.
I only bake to order :) meaning I only bake them when I have the orders.
This is to ensure that your cookies are baked fresh & u get to eat them fresh.

Email your orders & enquiries to

Meanwhile, I'll go on the search for the perfect melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie ...

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