Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fish & Chips

Recipe for Fish & Chips (Serves 2)
2 fish filet, defrozed (those frozen types- Dory fish, etc)
1 egg
some Tuscan seasoning (abt 1 tsp)
a plate of breadcrumbs
1) In a plate, add Tuscan seasoning to an egg. Beat.
2) Coat fish well in the egg mixture.
3) Coat the fish with the plate of breadcrumbs. Coat well.
4) Heat oil in wok for deep frying.
5) Slowly slide the fish into the oil and fry till golden. Then flip to the other side.
6) Drain excess oil from the fish using kitchen paper.
7) Serve with chips & salad/coleslaw.

To prepare Fish & Chips served with Soup in 45mins.
1) Take fish out of fridge. Rinse it with water. Remove & place on a plate for defrozing.
2) Pour a can of Cambell soup together with a can of water into a pot. Add fresh mushrooms if desired. Put soup to boil.
3) While waiting for soup to boil, cut mushroom for soup & vegetables to prepare for salad.
4) Meanwhile, heat oil for frying in a wok. When oil is ready, fry frozen fries.
5) While fries are frying, prepare the fish (refer to recipe on top).
1) If preparing for dinner, take the fish out from freezer & place in the fridge in the morning.
2) To check if oil is ready for deep frying, put the tip of a wooden chopstick into the oil. Oil i ready for frying if there are a lot of small air bubbles. Be careful not overheat the oil though.
3) To drain off the excess oil, use paper towels.
4) To keep the fries warm & crisp while frying the fish, put it in the oven with low heat.

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